We Buy Houses In Clearwater Florida

We Buy Houses Clearwater Florida 

Selling a house can be quite difficult, not just the emotion of leaving the house behind but also the sale process. The sale process can even prove more frustrating than the reason you are looking to sell the house. 

Most home sales tend to take a long time to complete because of the manner the sale is operated. The popular way most people go about a sale is by either listing their home on the market or hiring a real estate agent to broker a deal to sell the house. However, this can take a long time and also make the deal harder to complete. 

A very easy way to sell for those searching how do I Sell My House in Clearwater Florida fast is by selling the house to a cash home buyer. Cash home buyers are the latest development when it comes to selling homes. Cash home buyers buy houses directly from the owners and guess what, just like the name implies, they pay in cash. 

A reputable cash home buyer in Clearwater Florida is Ashley Buy Houses, we are reputable with the primary aim of buying houses from their owners. Our mode of operation is quite unique, it is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is designed to make the wholesale process seamless, hassle-free, and straightforward. We complete our deals swiftly without any complications 

The Mode of Operation at Ashley Buys Houses

  • Reach Out to Ashley Buys Houses: The simple obligation required of you is to reach out to us by contacting us. As soon as you contact us, be rest assured that the sale process as begun and would be given the topmost priority. 

After contacting us, we will inquire oabout the details of you home. When we get the details of your home, we proceed to the next step if your home meets our buying criteria. 

  • Pick a Date for us to Come Inspect Your Home: If your home meets our requirements, we immediately liaise with you and set up an appointment for us to come inspect the home. The date of the appointment will be subject to your discretion. If you want us to come the next day, we will surely show up.
  • Make You a Fair Offer: After the inspection of your home, we immediately make you an offer right on the spot, we don’t delay on our deals. The next step is for you to accept our offer. As soon as you accept,  the  deal would be completed within days when the final paperworks are signed. After signing, we pay you your money immediately and we pay in full cash. 

Benefits of Selling Your Clearwater Florida Home to Ashley Buys Houses

There are a lot of advantages when you sell your home to us at Ashley Buys Houses, we offer a lot of perks that you won’t find elsewhere.

  • We are Experts in Distress Sales: A common issue associated with the sale of homes is that their owners are looking to sell their homes without any delay so as to be able to move on from a bad financial situation, some may be looking to move on from divorce while others are simply relocating. 

In all of these situations, speed is the key, the home owners want to sell their home without any delay and they need to get their money immediately. Ashley Buys Houses ticks all these boxes, we pay in cash as soon as the deal is completed. We do not dally on a deal, efficiency is our key word. 

  • We Buy Houses AS-IS: Another major benefit of selling your home to Ashley Buy Houses is that you do not need to give your home a face lift. Unlike others, you may be required to renovate and make certain upgrades and repairs before you can sell your home. We do not require any of this, any condition your home may be in, we are ready to buy it. 

Any repair or renovations that need to be done would be undertaken by us. This further saves you money as you do not have to bear further expenses, it also speeds up the sale. The time you would use in making the necessary upgrades and renovations would be used instead to finalize the deal. 

  • We Do Not Charge a Fee or Commission: As you may well know, when you engage the services of a real estate agent to help sell your home, he will collect a fee, his services are not free. Real estate agents normally deduct a percentage of the sale price, this constitutes their fee. 

But with Ashley Buy Houses, no fee or commission is required, our services are absolutely free. We pay you your money in full without deducting a dime. 

  • The Sale Process is Easy and Flexible: The way we operate is quite easy and flexible, we give you the free reins to determine how and when the sale should be completed. We operate and move according to a schedule designed by you. 

This kind of flexibility is not seen when you use real estate agents or decide to place your house on the market. No matter what situation you are in, we are ready and willing to work with you, you will not regret giving us a try. 

  • Payment is Timely: It is not uncommon for home buyers to finalize a sale and when they reach the payment stage, they are unable to pay due to the fact that they can not secure financing. This brings about frustration after the long weeks of negotiations and efforts expended on the deal. 

With Ashley Buy Houses however, you do not have to worry about this, the issue of being unable to secure financing can never arise with us, before we even start the sale process, we already have the money to pay you. So as soon as we finalize the deal, you get your money in cash. 


Selling your Clearwater Florida Home can be very easy and quick, you need not go through all the usual rigors associated with home sales. Ashley Buy Houses make home sales straightforward and fast, We Buy Houses Clearwater Florida , contact us today and watch us put a smile on your face

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