We Buy Homes Tampa Here Are 8 Surprising Things We Know That Decrease Your Home’s Value

We buy homes Tampa regularly, so we speak to a lot of sellers who are wondering why your home in Tampa has lost value when you are trying to sell. Maybe it’s because you don’t have dedicated parking space, or your house doesn’t have a bath. Several factors can reduce the value of your Tampa property. 

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Factors That May Devalue Your House From The Professional We Buy Homes Tampa Team:

1. Poor Curb Appeal

Your home’s external appearance is vital when it comes to selling your house for the right price. Just from looking at your home’s exterior façade, potential buyers can decide if or not they like your property. If your home has poor curb appeal, potential buyers may try to knock 10-20% off your home’s asking price. Thus, it is a good idea to make your home appealing from the outside.

2. A Low Energy Efficiency Rating

A low energy efficiency rating translates to high energy bills. Potential buyers may decide to offer you a lower deal than the asking price if they realize that your home’s lack of energy efficiency. A high energy efficiency rating can increase your property’s value and vice versa. An old HVAC system or lack of loft insulation could potentially knock off a couple of thousands of dollars from your home’s value, so it’s best to make your house more energy efficient before listing. Or better yet, you can sell your house to us as-is for cash as we buy homes Tampa.

As a reliable cash house buyer Tampa, we buy homes Tampa fast for cash and are ready to make a fair cash offer for your home. 

3. Too Much Personalized Upgrades And DIY Renovations

There is such a thing as over-personalizing/over-improving your property. Some house improvements can reduce your home’s value and may even put off potential buyers. Poorly executed renovations can devalue your home. If you must, only undertake DIY renovations if you are an experienced DIYer and keep the renovations simple and be careful not to over-personalize. 

4. Clutter

When you put your home on the market, make sure you remove all the clutter and rearrange the rooms to create an illusion of bigger rooms without spending a cent. Homebuyers tend to devalue overcrowded homes. A messy living room or bedroom could reduce the value of your home by thousands of dollars, so it’s vital to declutter and clean your house before showing it to potential buyers. Pro Tip: Consider putting some items in a storage unit before putting your house up for sale.

5. Any Outstanding Home Issues

Does your home have serious repairs issues, such as water damage, a leaky roof, or sputtering HVAC system? Outstanding issues in your home can prompt buyers to put in offers that way below the asking price. For this reason, have your home surveyed before selling it to determine if there are any issues that need rectification. Doing this might help you avoid any nasty surprises from the surveyor.  It’s best to tackle repairs as quickly as possible. Letting them languish on your to-do list will only devalue your home’s property value. What’s more it can take months to sell a house with repair issues. 

If you want to sell my house fast Tampa with outstanding issues, https://www.calvinbuysproperties.com/ is ready to give you a fair cash offer. We buy homes Tampa and throughout Florida and can stop the frustrations of your rundown or ugly house. Let us help we buy houses Tampa today, regardless of the condition. 

6. Nuisance Neighbors

Yes! Even your neighbors have an impact on how much you can get for your home. Nobody would want to live next to someone who is constantly being a nuisance. Some homeowners are unable to sell their homes because people withdraw their offers due to noisy neighbors. Noisy/nuisance neighbors can decrease the value of your property.

Have a neighbor with loud dogs, a junk-strewn yard, or a penchant for wild parties? Or maybe your house is near a registered sex offender? If so, know that such neighbors devalue your property in addition to theirs. 

7. Superstition

As crazy as it sounds, superstitions can significantly affect house prices. For instance, if a house is rumored to be haunted, or if something terrible happened there, the house might gain a bad reputation which may deter potential buyers and decrease the property’s value.

8. High Crime Levels

This one is a no-brainer – high crime levels in your area will reduce your home’s value because not many people will want to buy property in an area rife with crime.  

Here’s How It Works When We Buy Homes Tampa 

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