Top Reasons to Sell a House as Is in Tampa Florida

sell my house fast tampaWhat if you could take all the stress out of selling your Tampa home?

Real estate sales are stressful enough to begin with. However, having to renovate your home before selling it makes things even worse.

There is an unexpected solution to this problem: sellers can simply sell a house as is.

Do you live in Tampa, Florida, and you want to make selling your home easier than ever? Keep reading to discover the benefits of selling your home just as it is!

Clutter Cleanup

One of the worst things about selling a house is the cleanup. You are basically in a constant state of alert and feeling like you must have the home ready to present at all times.

However, by selling a house as is, you can sidestep this. Why? To be completely blunt, few people viewing an “as is” home expect every surface to be shining and polished.

This doesn’t mean the home should look dirty, though. Make sure that you clean up any kind of excess clutter before prospective buyers come to visit the house.

Take it from us: quick clean-up every now and then is much less annoying than a constant cleaning (or, even worse, paying for constant professional cleaning).

Saving Money

Why are you selling your home? For many people, the answer to this is simply “to make some money.”

Many people want to renovate their homes because they think it will net them a higher offer from buyers. But the truth is that selling a house as is can be a great way to save money up front.

Most quality renovations cost a lot of money. And the truth is that there’s no guarantee that the home will sell for the exact amount you are expecting.

If you spend money on expensive renovations, you may lose out on money when the sale goes through. However, by selling the house as it is, you never spend that money in the first place.

Speed Things Up

Ever hear the horror stories about people who must wait years before their home sells? The reason for this is often because they are constantly repairing and renovating their home.

Think of repairs and renovations as a giant “to do list.” And the sad secret of this list is that everything on it is going to take three times as long as you think it should take.

And if you’re trying to save money and do everything yourself? In that case, everything on the list is likely to take ten times longer than you expect.

We all know the old saying: “time is money.” Why spend thousands of dollars and a thousand days to sell your home when you could sell it as is right now?

No Construction Woes

We’ve talked a bit about the problems of renovation. Many of those problems boil down to construction delays.

It’s true that renovating spaces like your bathroom can add resale value to your home. But all of the construction involved in this can cause a number of annoying delays.

For example, the bathroom cannot be used while it is being renovated. This is inconvenient by itself, especially if you have a large family!

The house may also be filled with dirt and debris while it is being renovated. This can be a major pain to everyone in the house.

You can skip all of the annoyances of construction by simply selling your home as it is. And this means you have one less thing to worry about while selling.

A Little Help from Your Friends

Sometimes, people think selling a home as is means going at it completely alone. However, this doesn’t have to be the case!

You can still seek the advice of real estate agents and financial advisers. That means you get all the benefits of their wisdom without any of the inconvenience that comes from extensive renovations.

And as for the minor clutter clean up and re-organization you may choose to do? You can always ask your family and friends to help, which is much easier than relying on contractors.

Less Stress

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. However, we like to remind people selling their home: there’s stress and then there’s stress.

All of the hassles we have mentioned about constructions and renovation would be annoying to anyone. But to some people, this stress is downright unbearable.

If such renovations are going to be causing you sleepless nights and waking nightmares, then selling your house as is will be the best choice for you. Why invite this level of stress into your life if you don’t have to?

Cash Payment

Earlier, we mentioned real estate agents. The only downside to using an agent is, of course, the fee they take when your home finally sells.

If you’re willing to sell a home as is, that means you can sell to a cash buyer. And you can do this without involving a real estate agent or anyone else.

Keep in mind that the typical fee for such an agent is ten percent. If you can sell your home without an agent, it puts that much more money directly into your pocket.

A Compromise

So far, we have focused on two choices: completely renovating a home or selling it as is. But there is always room for a simple compromise.

Many people choose to sell as is because they have little money for repairs and renovations. But if you have a little money available, it may be worth it to do minor repairs and renovations without going overboard.

In this way, you can get the home selling experience you want without added stress and misery.

Sell a House as Is: The Bottom Line

Now you know the benefits when you sell a house as is. But do you know who will buy your house today?

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