Sell Your Brandon Florida House AS-IS

What to Consider Before You Sell Your Brandon House AS-IS 

Sell Your Brandon Florida House AS-IS

We Buy Houses Brandon Florida so we have helped many Brandon homeowners who are searching for a way to ‘Sell My Brandon House Fast‘ Including people who want to sell their Brandon House AS-IS The steps involved in selling a house is quite easy on the eye, however, to actually sell the house within a set time limit can be quite daunting. Factor in the condition that you want to sell your house just the way it is without making any upgrade, renovation, or repair. You have a huge task on your hands if you are to pull this off. 

The traditional way people go about selling their home is to entrust it to a real estate agent who would then attempt to sell it to potential buyers, the other option is to place it on the market and look to sell it yourself. However, this can take a very long time, the negotiations become long and drawn out such that parties may become frustrated and pull the plug on the deal. 

And what is more is that even if the deal fails, you are still required to pay the real estate agent for services rendered irrespective of the outcome of the deal. All these factors therefore means that you must consider some important things before you try to sell your home. 

Things to Consider Before You Sell Your Brandon House AS-IS

  • Time Frame or Limit: How soon do you want the deal completed or how soon do you want to receive the money. This will determine the approach you should take when looking to sell your home. If you want the deal completed within a very short time, the best option is to approach a cash home buyer. 

A cash home buyer like Ashley Buys Houses completes sales of homes as soon as possible without any delay or hitch. 

  • Your Financial Situation: Some homeowners are in a bad financial situation and thus need to sell their home so that they can get rid of this bad financial situation. If you are in this category, then the sale is called a distress sale and the sale needs to be completed within a short time limit. You also need to be paid without any delay. 

Ashley Buys Houses’ Mode of Operation When Buying A Brandon House AS-IS

The mode of operation at Ashley Buys Houses is quite easy and straightforward, this is why when you sell your home to Ashley Buys Houses, you do not encounter any problem. The first step is to contact us at Ashley Buys Houses. When you contact us, we collect the key information about home. This helps us determine if your home meets our buying criteria. 

If your home meets our requirements, the next step is to set up an appointment so that we can meet and inspect your home. This appointment is subject to your discretion, any day of your choice is okay with us. On the set day, we show up to inspect your home. After the inspection, we make you an offer right on the spot. As soon as you accept our offer, we are ready to finalize the deal. 

We then meet up with you to sign the necessary paperwork, after this, you get your money. Very easy and no room for delay or problems. All these make us the best cash home buyer in Brandon. 

Why You Should Sell Your Brandon Home to Ashley Buys Houses

  • Our Financing is Secure: It is not surprising to hear that the sale of a home has broken down because the buyer was unable to secure financing to finalize the deal. However, when you sell to Ashley Buys Houses, there is no fear of the deal breaking down because we have already sorted out the issue of financing even before we begin negotiations. 

So as soon as you accept our offer, we are ready to pay you, you just accept our offer and we will take care of the rest. Another reason why we are the best is that we pay in cash. 

  • We don’t Charge any Fee or Commission: At Ashley Buys Houses, our services are free, we don’t require you to pay any fee or commission. When you use a real estate agent to broker the deal to sell your home, you must pay a fee  commission to the agent for the services rendered. The usual practice is that the real estate agent will deduct a percentage of the sale price which will be his fee. 

This is not so with us at Ashley Buys Houses,  you don’t need to worry about any deductions being made to your money. We pay you the full price we agreed on.

  • We Buy Your Brandon House Notwithstanding its Condition: Most home buyers will require you to make extensive renovations, repairs and upgrades to your home before they can buy it. In fact, for you to complete the sale process as quickly as possible, you must make your home attractive and furnish it to taste. This will require you to spend more, this will also delay the sale process. 

But with Ashley Buys Houses, you don’t need to bother yourself with any repairs or renovations. We will buy your house just as it is, irrespective of the condition it is in, we are ready to buy it. Any repairs, renovations or upgrades that needs to be done would be undertaken by us. We will bear all the expenses, this helps to speed up the sale process and ensures that it is completed on time. 

  • The Whole Sale Process is Fast: The way we operate at Ashley Buys Houses ensures that once we start the process of buying your home, we complete the deal within a number of days. The only exception is if you don’t want the deal to be completed quickly. Our mode of operation is flexible and we operate according to the demands of sellers.

The time limit you give us to complete the deal is what will follow. We can even complete the sale process within a week, yes, we are that fast.


Selling your Brandon home even in its condition needs not to be stressful. All you need to do is to take that easy step and contact us at Ashley Buys Houses. We will buy your home Brandon Florida House AS-IS and pay you in record time. 

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