Real Estate Stats Land O’Lakes,FL

2020 Real Estate Statistics in Land O’ Lakes, Florida

Lets Look at some Real Estate Stats Land O’Lakes Land O’ Lakes has been attracting visitors since the local Dupree Gardens first opened its gates in 1925. The roadside attraction brought in more than 30,000 visitors annually during its earliest years of operation. Even with the extra attention, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the town experienced its first population boom.

Aggressive marketing and investing helped the population grow from 7,800 to more than 31,000 over the course of a decade. A lot of new couples purchased real estate in the area and started families. Those same families may be struggling to sell that property in today’s market. Express Home Buyers makes it easier to sell your Land O’ Lakes home even if the market isn’t in your favor.

2020 Real Estate Stats Land O’ Lakes

2020 has not been an easy year for buyers or sellers. There are fewer properties on the market and real estate agents are finding deals slower than ever before. Around 78 percent of the housing units in the town are single-family homes. 2020 has seen fewer of these homes on the market and a one percent decrease in sales compared to last year.

The sharpest decline happened during January when only 109 homes were sold. The months between June and August helped the average with more than 200 sales each month.

A decline in buyers may not be the source of the problem. There were more than 300 active listings during October of 2019 while there are only 132 listings this year. Fewer sellers are willing to take the risk of selling a home during a pandemic.

Those sellers can find an alternative solution with express home buyers. The quick and easy buying process eliminates the need to deal with open houses, contractors, real estate agents, and interested buyers. You interact with fewer people during the process

Despite fewer sales, the average sale price has continued to climb over the last year. Fewer homes has increased competition and valuable properties are being purchased within weeks. The average listing price is around $358,900 and the average sale price is closer to $305,770.

These are good statistics for homeowners with properties within this price range, but owners of smaller properties may struggle to compete in such an expensive market. The sales price has increased alongside the median square footage over the last year. In September of 2020, the average home size on the market was nearly 2,500 square feet.

A Smart Way To Sell A Small Home In Land O’ Lakes

What if you own a much smaller house? You can still receive a fair and reliable offer from Express Home Buyers. You can even sell your property if the home is in need of repairs. A specialist will inspect the property, document needed repairs, and we will handle all of the repairs at a later date.

There’s never any extra work required from the homeowner to make a deal. It’s the only hassle-free method of selling a house on the market today. It’s also the only reliable way to avoid excessive fees and expenses that accumulate waiting for a house to sell. Express Home Buyers makes offers and closes deals quickly. In many cases, the deal can be closed and payment made within 7 days.

Is Now A Good Time To Sell?

Now may be the best time to sell a smaller home in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Home appreciate rates have increased an impressive amount over the past ten years. Many neighborhoods experienced appreciate rates close to 69 percent for the decade. However, 2020 may slow this growth or even lead to a decline in the following year.

It is a great time to unload any Land O’ Lakes property you’ve considered selling. And if you want to get a good value for your property while skipping the line, then you may want to avoid the traditional real estate market entirely. Instead, consider taking a cash home for your property from a reputable investment company like Express Home Buyers.

Put Cash In Your Pocket

The real estate market isn’t easy to navigate in the best of conditions. A booming population and a spreading pandemic have created an imbalance in Land O’ Lakes. Sales numbers are increasing as is the demand for large family homes. Now is a good time to sell an unwanted property or house potentially entering foreclosure.

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