Clearwater Real Estate Stats

Clearwater Real Estate Stats: Is It A Good Time To Sell Your Home?

Located just east of the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater is one of Florida’s hidden gems. It has impressive parks, highly-ranked school systems, local entertainment options, and nearby tourist attractions. That’s enough to attract a steady stream of home buyers over the years. So let’s look at those Clearwater Real Estate Stats

Positive Real Estate Stats In Clearwater, FL

Clearwater stands out as one of the best cities in Florida to make a long-term real estate investment. The average price of a home has increased by 62.9 percent over a total of ten years. This appreciation value is among the highest in the entire country.

Evidence suggests that property values will continue to appreciate gradually over the next decade. Benefiting from this increase in value will require a commitment of time, energy, and funds. Selling a home in the traditional real estate market is never a quick and simple process. It’s never a free process either.

Selling a house often requires a steady stream of funding. First, there may be major repairs or renovations required. The median sale price in 2020 is above $230,000 and continues to rise. Houses falling below this value will sit on the market longer as they compete with more impressive properties.

More time spent sitting on the market means more expenses to cover. Regular landscaping fees and open house expenses can add up very quickly. The average number of days on the market has been more than a month for most of 2020. That means more mortgage payments may be required too.

A Solution For Fast Sales

Selling a house in Clearwater, FL doesn’t have to be a long and expensive process. The real estate market can be avoided entirely by selling to an investment company like Ashley Buys Houses. It eliminates many of the hassles, requirements, and expenses typically associated with selling a home.

Ashley Buys Houses gives homeowners fair cash offers for their home as-is. The entire deal has been condensed into only a few simple steps. First, the homeowner submits their information to the company. This can be accomplished through the website or over the phone. A visit is scheduled during this time.

The second step is the meeting at the specified property. Ashley Buys Houses will send a professional to perform a standard walkthrough and inspect the property. Their goal is to help the company generate an accurate cash value for the property. Any needed repairs will be outlined during the inspection, but the homeowner is not required to make these repairs.

Avoiding repairs and renovations can save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. It can also prevent them from waiting weeks or months before even listing the house on the market. Even something as small as remodeling the bathroom averages between $6,000 and $12,000 in Clearwater. Larger projects like a new kitchen, basement, or roof will cost significantly more.

The final step in the process is closing the deal. Ashley Buys Houses makes a cash offer for the house in its current condition. The homeowner is capable of walking away from the offer without incurring any fees or consequences. There is absolutely no risk involved and no possibility of the deal failing after the offer is made.

Overall, this process is significantly faster than with even the most experienced real estate agents. Homes in Clearwater sit on the market for more than 40 days in some cases while Ashley Buys Houses can close a deal in under a week. Only one option makes sense for sellers who want cash in their pockets as soon as possible.

Dealing With Unwanted Property In Clearwater

Clearwater is a great place to live, but not every homeowner is interested in maintaining real estate there. They may have acquired the property following a divorce or death in the family. Selling the home down the line may be profitable, but the expensive upkeep until that time makes that a risky decision. Homeowners who want to take a safer route choose Express Home Buyers.

An unwanted property can quickly drain a bank account without providing any real value or comfort. This is especially true if the property is in disrepair and located far away from the primary residence. Express Home Buyers can turn that unwanted house into a source of immediate funding.

A cash offer for an unwanted property can serve as the capital for a more desirable investment. Many homeowners sell their Clearwater houses so that they can invest in real estate closer to home. There are many cities with less competitive real estate markets that may be more forgiving to new investors.

Why try to compete with the hundreds of other homeowners trying to ‘sell my house fast Clearwater“? Instead, consider making the smarter move and working with Ashley Buys Houses. We Buy Houses In Clearwater For Cash we can help you sell unwanted properties quickly without requiring any repairs, renovations, or commissions.

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