4 Reasons to Sell Your House For Cash

When it comes to buying and selling homes, most people are used to things being done traditionally.

They would hire a Realtor with basic knowledge in traditional house buying and selling techniques, who will then advertise their property and wait for a buyer to appear. But sometimes selling a house is not that easy and not all homes have such appeal to be sold overnight.

In cases when your property carries a lot of baggage like tax liens, code violations, mortgage liens, or is just run down and in need of repairs, most Realtors just don’t know how to sell a property in that condition.

That’s where companies like ours come with a great solution and offer to buy your house for cash.

And while realtors are trying to come up with a solution, we already have all the answers. The reason why we are more invested in selling your property is that we are prepared to invest our own money in your house. As opposed to a Realtor who would only mediate the sale process between you and a buyer, but would face no financial risk.

The lack of knowledge in dealing and selling demanding properties is not the only reason why we would be better suited to handle your sale than a realtor. The reasons are many and very convincing:

1. We Sell Your House Fast

We know that there are various reasons you would want to or need to sell your house. Divorce, retirement, or you are just looking for a quieter neighborhood, but some reasons will make you want to sell your home fast.

Let’s say you inherited a property you just don’t know what to do with. Or your house suffered damages after an earthquake and is irreparable and uninhabitable.

We are ready to give you an offer and close the sale within 7 days if you so require. On the other hand, a realtor’s goal is to drag out the selling process and make you sell your property at a throw-away price.

2. We Buy Houses for Cash Only

As most of the properties we buy are faced with some types of issues, we understand the need for a cash transaction.

So with us, you get a clean house-for-cash transaction, whereas with some realtors you can find yourselves with even more problems if they sell your house on a credit basis.

3. We Know How to Avoid Foreclosure

Working in the industry for these many years helped us learn a trick or two about foreclosures and build strong relationships with many banks. Foreclosures are not something banks benefit from and when we offer them a solution to avoid one, they are happy to take it.

Even in worst cases, where you end up not getting anything in return, we are prepared to help you legally and ensure you get something out of your property.

4. We Can Offer Relocation

Selling your home can often be stressful and you may not even want to do that. For example, you love your house but you’ve lost your job and cannot afford the house anymore. On top of selling your beloved home, you must now find a new one. Unlike a realtor, who will shake your hand and walk away, we can help you find your new home. After buying your house, we can find you a new home that suits your financial situation. 

In the end, there are a lot more benefits in selling your house for cash than in hiring a realtor. And unlike most fast house buyers, we don’t want to rush you into selling your house fast. The tempo of the sale is your choice, whether it is 7 days or 70 days. Buying your home quickly is not our goal, but giving you a great offer, selling at your pace, relocating you to a new home, and helping you get back on your feet is. 

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